SallyM 777 Consulting

About Us

SallyM 777 Consulting was founded in 2012. Its main focus is on empowering entrepreneurs to accelerate their personal and business performance to higher levels. Through its specialist skills and industry knowledge it adds value to its clients in a holistic manner. SallyM 777 Consulting offers hands on practical, tailored interventions and strategies that meet the client’s immediate and ongoing specific needs. The organisation draws its resources from a strong network of experienced business professional associates who have the tenacity and expertise to enhance a business’s overall productivity. The core services offered by SallyM 777 Consulting are, Business Assessments, Group Mentorship Training, Business Management Consulting and Training and Development Workshops.

CEO of SallyM 777 Consulting


Sally the founder and CEO of SallyM 777 Consulting holds a MBA degree, a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management Technology, a Higher National Diploma in Production Management and a National Diploma in Organization & Work-study and Facilitator Training. Sally has 20 years of experience at senior executive management levels of which 16 years was spent supporting start up businesses. Her vast experiences of working in foreign countries of a varied business, cultural, social and economic level have endowed her with the resourcefulness to be an effective leader and to efficiently function at a high level in challenging environments. Sally has a long-standing interest in the field of Training and Development of Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders.

Prior to establishing SallyM 777 Consulting, Sally served in a variety of leadership positions at Enablis including being the CEO Africa Region working in South Africa, East Africa and West Africa. Enablis is a Canadian based organisation and has become the benchmark for sustainable small and medium sized enterprise development across Africa and Latin America. Prior to Enablis, Sally was employed by Productivity SA where she rose to executive level and headed the regional office in Durban. Sally has gained vast experience in working with start up businesses in various sectors. She undertook research projects in the United States for a group of South African Clothing Manufacturers. Sally was also a founder member of the Durban Manufacturing Advisory Centre (Dumac), in Kwazulu Natal. Dumac was set up to provide business support to small, micro and medium sized businesses. As part of the establishment phase, Sally gained knowledge and experience by visiting and observing similar models in Canada, Denmark and Germany. On successful establishment of Dumac Sally served as a member on their Board. Today this programme has grown nationally and has merged with Ntsika to form an organization known as SEDA. Sally’s belief is that the key to success is to bring about optimum effective change within a framework of minimum chaos whilst maintaining maximum respect for people. Her motto is “United we stand, divided we fall”